Portable Motion Control Systems for Cinematographers


  • The CAMBLOCK motion-control system leap frogs several generations of motion-control and time lapse technology, offering extremely advanced key-frame-based, non-linear motion control at a tiny fraction of the price size and weight of traditional professional moco systems.

    Tom Lowe – Timescapes.org

  • Whether working on international car spots or shooting ice climbing in Durango, you have to be able to rely on your equipment. Excuses don’t matter, performance and reliability do. That’s why we went with CAMBLOCK.

    Britt West

  • I cant rave enough about the CAMBLOCK rig after using it for a few months now. I’ve used every popular moco rig on the market and CAMBLOCK has always been king of the hill as far as I’m concerned.

    Josh Owens

  • Set up is very quick. The ‘advanced-time-lapse’ feature doubles the number of shots I can produce in a single setup.

    Steve McWilliams

Core Uses



Create Stunning dynamic sequences with themost advanced portable timelapse system available.


Real Time

Create fluid repeatable real time camera motions while filming products or miniatures.


special Effects

Create motion effects using repeatable motions, precise positioning and velocity control.

Product Line



Adventure packs the most performance into the smallest package. This Unique system is designed for owner/operators with smaller crews or budgets, who need to move fast but still want to produce the quality shots that CAMBLOCK systems are known to deliver.
  • Unique tilt mechanism, all-in-one design, nearly cable-less for quick setup
  • Top dolly speed = 18″/second
  • Recommended max camera weight = 10 lbs
    • Canon / Nikon DSLR
    • C300/C500
    • Sony F5 (lightly rigged)
    • Red Epic (lightly rigged)
  • Base kit, in customized hard case, weighs 45 lbs for easy airline travel.



Modular 2.0


CAMBLOCK Modular 2.0 is for big cameras and unique needs. The modular nature of this system makes is amazingly versatile. Version 2.0 is three times bigger, stronger and faster than the original CAMBLOCK, making this system appropriate for digital cinema cameras.
  • Robust modular design for the most versatility
  • Top dolly speed = 96″/second (fast dolly option)
  • Recommended max camera weight = 25 lbs
    • Red Epic
    • Alexa
    • Amira
    • Phantom
  • Base kit, packed in 2 custom foamed hard cases weighs 95 pounds.

Coming Soon


All CAMBLOCK systems share:

  • CAMBLOCK Control wireless/wired app
  • Repeatable real-time moves
  • Advanced timelapse features
  • Move Manager for multi-move coordination and managment
  • Expansion ports for additional axes and lens controls
  • Camera control port for DSLRs, RED Epic, and more
  • CAMBLOCK‘s Infinite Track System for long dolly moves
  • Powerful feature expansion through CAMBLOCK Actions

Available and Shipping Now

Award Winning Productions
+ Customer Feedback
+ 2 Years Development



The new CAMBLOCK adventure

CAMBLOCK Adventure is designed to make portable motion control simple to set up, while offering flexibility and advanced features for professional cinematographers and special effects artists.

Core features include:

  • Collapsible dolly chassis
  • 16 Ball Bearing wheels
  • Unobstructed camera platform
  • Integrated ball level
  • LCD display
  • Waterproof interface
  • Patented nodal tilt mechanism
  • Helical dolly drive
  • Camera control port
  • Internal wifi transceiver
  • Battery mounting plate
  • Expansion Ports

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